What's Beericana?

Beericana™ is a craft beer and music festival that brings great beer from breweries from across the state of North Carolina (and some from beyond our borders) for you to enjoy.

Never been to Beericana? Check out our recap videos:

So what’s our story?

The inspiration behind 919 Beer as a craft beer promotions company began in the spring of 2013. Six of us decided to take a weekend road trip to Hickory to attend the Hickory Hops Festival in April. After attending that festival and enjoying every minute of it, the wheels started turning…slowly.

Then, the following month, Mark Doble of Aviator Brewing Company asked us to help him work an event with him in Charlotte. And later that summer, he asked us to help him by representing Aviator at Brewgrass in Asheville, one of the most well-known beer festivals in NC.

It was on the ride back from Asheville last September when we started discussing the possibility of organizing some festivals. We’d attended many, worked/volunteered at a few, and felt we’d gotten a good idea of what works best from all involved – patrons and breweries.

By the spring of 2014 we became a legitimate LLC. We had a logo, a lawyer, a growing tolerance, and a vision. We felt like Holly Springs would be a great place to host a craft beer festival for several reasons:

– it’s one of the fastest growing areas in the Triangle – because of 540, it’s convenient to most areas in the Triangle – the craft beer culture here is booming, thanks to CBC, Aviator, Bombshell, and Draft Line – we live here!

The inaugural Beericana Craft Beer and Music Festival was held on September 27th, 2014. More than 2700 people came to Sugg Farm Park to enjoy samples from 58 different breweries from NC and beyond! This year, we plan to have about 70 breweries to accommodate the anticipated 4,000 beer enthusiasts. It’s not just about us, though, as we also give back to our community and to support craft beer in our state. A portion of the proceeds from Beericana goes to support the NC Craft Brewer’s Guild and other nonprofits.  

NC Craft Brewers Guild

What do people think about Beericana?

“We hope the event will be back again next year! We appreciate how well organized the event was and the ability to get to know some local breweries on a more personal and relaxed level.”

Chana Lynn

Raleigh What's Up

“In the end, Beericana didn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but they didn’t have to. They just brought in great products and talent and let fate do the rest. It worked. Here’s hoping for next year … ”

Jordan Rogers

Raleigh & Company

“Huge congrats to everyone involved. I had a really great time, and am so appreciative of the chance to enjoy craft beer in such a fine atmosphere. I loved it”

Camden Watts

Executive Producer, Brewconomy